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Ethanol is not safe for use in marine engines!

Click on this picture for more information.                  WARNING!! Fuel with more than 10% Ethanol or any other Alcohol/Ethanol product will cause immediate major motor damage.  For a small fee Mobile Marine Service will test your fuel and tell you exactly what the percentage of Alcohol/Ethanol is in your fuel.  Give us a call (207) 610-3278 before running your motor for the first time this spring.

Here are some helpful tips to help you avoid Ethanol problems:

1. Do not use Ethanol gas if you do not have to.  Also, do not ever, under any circumstances, use gasoline containing more than 10% alcohol in any form.  This includes Ethanol and any fuel additive that contains alcohol.  For example, if you are using E10 Ethanol gasoline, do not use any additive that contains alcohol as this will put you over 10% alcohol content and will cause immediate motor damage. 

2. Use Fresh gasoline.  Do not store gasoline for over 90 days.

3. Do not use gasoline that has been stored for more than 90 days.

4. Check your fuel tank for water.  Pump a small amount from your tank into a glass or clear plastic container to see if there is any water lurking in the bottom of your tank.  It will be a clear or murky white fluid on the bottom with the gasoline floating on the top of it.

5. Install a high quality Fuel Water Separator between your fuel tank and motor, preferably between the primer bulb and the motor.

6. Check your Fuel Water Separator often for contaminants and water. Racor Fuel Water Separators allow you to see any water in your fuel through a clear plastic bowl.  They also allow the water to be drained from the bowl without having to remove the filter element. 

7. Check and replace the fuel filter that is installed on your motor often.  At least once a season, or even twice a season depending on usage.

8. Use a quality Fuel Stabilizer at every fill up.  

9. Have any problems or irregularities checked as soon as possible.  Don’t wait or try to run through the problem as this will only cause more damage. 

10. Check your fuel often and if possible store your boat with the fuel tank empty.

Racor Fuel Water Separator:  Installing a Fuel Water Separator can save you hundreds of dollars and hours of down time.  You can purchase one of these filters from Mobile Marine Service.  Give us a call with the size of your motor, so that we can determine the correct Racor for your application.  We guarantee that we can get you the proper Racor for the lowest price around.

CRC Fuel Stabilizer: Click on picture for more information.  Use Fuel Stabilizer with every fill up.  Mobile Marine Service offers CRC Fuel Stabilizer at a deeply discounted rate.  CRC-06161 contains no Alcohol or Ethanol.  For the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) of CRC Fuel Stabilizers please Click Here.                                                   

8oz CRC-06161  Treats 40 Gallons 

16oz CRC-06162 Treats 80 Gallons                                                                                                        

Test your fuel before starting your engine next season.

We are currently researching CRC Phase Guard.  I will post when I have more information.

In order to keep up with our high standards of service, we will continue to update content for this section .  Please stop by again for more information. Thank you for your interest!